From the Author

     “The Art of Love and Devotion” is an anthology of knowledge gathered from the finest university in the world, the University of Experience. My life chapters have prepared me with essential wisdom to help guide couples to passionate long-lasting relationships. The Creator has divinely equipped me with the aptitude to bestow this information over to you.

Society presents us with challenges and temptations that often make it difficult to maintain a sacred union. I truly trust that your comprehension of this text will help you make wiser relationship decisions. The advice is intended to lead couples to behavior that helps keep love strong and vibrant. This guide will put you on the path of developing a meaningful and lasting connection. Commitment can last a lifetime once you learn to love intelligently. The goal is to conduct yourselves in a manner which nourishes your partnership.

Read the handbook carefully and then pass it along to a friend, spouse or mate. Share it with everyone that you know is serious about love. Every good relationship can be better and many troubled unions can be furnished with the knowledge to succeed. We all can use a greater understanding and appreciation of how to sustain happiness and romance in our relationships. Thus is the purpose of “The Art of Love and Devotion“.

– Cepheus Jaxon